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Infant Room

At KidzAroundTheClock we have infant classrooms that start from ages six weeks old to twelve months old. In our infant classrooms, we provide exceptional experiences where children can be challenged and blossom. We aid in the development of their cognitive, social, language, physical, and emotional development. We strive to grow, teach, and create an environment for infants to be creative and have fun!


Over-Night Room

Are you an EMT, first responder or essential worker? We know it can be hard to find reliable child care during those rather unusual hours. For emergency workers, childcare on an as needed basis when being on-call is even harder to find. At KidzAroundTheClock, we can assist your every need any time you need us, because you're there every time we need you!!! Thank you for your service!!!

1 year old Classroom

At KidzAroundTheClock we have one-year-old classrooms that start from ages twelve months to 24 months. We love to explore, and our classroom gives one-year old’s the chance to do so. They can discover, learn, and play. Our classrooms are organized so that they can develop appropriate skills for this stage in life.


2 Year Old Classroom

Welcome to our two-year-old classroom at KidzAroundTheClock! This is the age where they become inquisitive and asks lots of questions. We offer an experience where they will access books and toys that foster learning essential life skills, engage in make-believe play, and interact with their peers .

3 Year old Classroom

It’s almost time for big kid school! At KidzAroundTheClock, our 3-year-old classrooms allow for their interpretations. They can play and create ideas. Daily, your child will be able to create art, play pretend, and complete experiments.


4 Year Old Classroom

We're even closer to big kid school! At KidzAroundTheClock, our 4-year-old classrooms allow for expansion of their independence. They can play and create projects independently, engage with their peers, help guide their learning through sharing their interests. They will engage in more dynamic play and work experiences.

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