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Services Offered

Full-time Childcare


Are you a full-time employee in need of a reliable child care provider that will invest their time and resources into your young leader? Well, you have come to the right place. KidzAroundTheClock is devoted to providing safe, quality child care assistance no matter what shift you work. Whether it’s early morning before most child care centers open, second shift when childcare centers are closing or third shift when there are no childcare centers open at all, we will always be available. We are here to serve you 24 hours/day, excluding New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Christmas Eve.


Part-time Childcare

Are you a parent needing additional income for your family and need reliable childcare so that you can pick up an extra shift or get a part-time job? KidzAroundTheClock would love to be the childcare partner to assist you. Visit our admissions tab and follow the easy steps to get your child enrolled or simply call for availability (704) 579-9966.

Short-term Care

KidzAroundTheClock is open to families that are looking for short-term care. We provide the opportunity for parents to utilize our short-term care based on your schedule.


Before School Care

Are you one of the many parents that have a career that requires you to clock-in early? We know how hard it is to find a childcare center that provides care at such early hours. We also know that professions such as our hospital staff, EMT, first responders as well as other essential workers need flexibility. You help make our days much smoother so we want to be here for you just like you are here for us. We have special rates for hospital staff, EMTs, and first responders.


After School Care

Do you work in a job or are you devoted to a career that has you working until closing hours of the typical childcare center? Are you tired of having to pay $1.00 per minute because of your job or being late due to rush hour? Great news!!!! We’ve eliminated those late fees. At KidzAroundTheClock, we have made it flexible for your work schedule. With our comprehensive structure, we are more than willing to work with the parent's and children's needs.


Night-time Drop-in

Need to drop your children off due to an emergency, work related or just want a quick break? At KidzAroundTheClock we provide a night-time drop-in service where you are able to drop children off with a moment's notice. We offer a unique service to give parents options to schedule around their daily routines.

Full-time Transportation

Do you need transportation more than two days a week? Well KidzAroundTheClock provides full time transportation for parents that need pick and drop off services up to seven days a week.


Part-time Transportation

Do you need transportation only a couple of days a week? KidzAroundTheClock, provides part-time transportation for parents who only need pick up and drop off services two days a week. We can pick up from school, home and anywhere else within a 15 mile radius in Mecklenburg county excluding Huntersville. Our Huntersville, North Carolina Branch location is coming soon!

Full-time Summer Care

Is school out for the summer and you need full-time summer care? Looking to continue your child's education over the summer? KidzAroundTheClock has full-time summer care that will give your children an exciting and safe summer experience. There will daily educational activities as well as opportunities to explore and learn.


Part-time Summer Care

If you are looking for part-time summer care that will be flexible to your needs, then KidzAroundTheClock will be the perfect childcare center for you! We offer a thriving summer experience for children on a part-time basis to give families time to plan for summer vacations, jobs, and anything else that you will need assistance with.

Evening Part-time Care

Are you in need of evening care on a part-time schedule where you are able to work, plan activities, or just want to relax for a few hours? We offer this service that will allow parents to have guaranteed childcare secured on whatever night that is needed on a part-time basis.


Evening Full-time Care

Are you need of evening care on a full time schedule? No matter how many days you require childcare in the evenings, KidzAroundTheClock is available for your full time evening needs with your children.

Night-Time Full-Time Care

We are so dedicated and passionate about children that we offer overnight care for parents who need full time care while working overnight. We provide ultimate care to all children while also making it convenient for parents. You'll have access to live camera feed to observe your sleeping child and have assurance of your child's safety and care.


Part-Time evening/Night-Time Care

Let us entertain your children while running errands, taking a night class, handling business, or even taking time for yourself. We offer part-time evening/night-time care to allow flexibility within your schedule. We provide quality care while making sure we meet your needs and the interest of each child.

Summer Day Camp

Consider summer day camp as a home away from home. Children will be able to explore, create memories, and share ideas on the daily activities. It allows them to enjoy outdoor recreational activities. We make sure we create a summer experience where children will actively learn and complete daily summer programs.


Premium Care

Has your child ever kept you out of work due to an illness such as the common cold (excluding COVID-19) With our premium care, we can handle those extenuating circumstances. No matter if your child is registered with another childcare center, we can still assist.


Special Event

KidzAroundTheClock offers special events throughout the year such as field trips, surprise guests, and on site large scale events such as carnivals. Parents will get notification of all special events in advance.

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